Here's how easy it is to make transaction through LANA's official website

1. Select your chosen product(s).

First, you can select product based on categories (Top, Bottom, and Accessories). Once you find the product, click "view" button and you will be able to see product's description and availability of stock & size. If your selected product is available, then you may input the quantity of product you wish to have. Next, click "add to cart" button to proceed your chosen product.

2. Fill your cart

When you hit the "add to cart" button, your chosen product will automatically added to cart. You can easily add or remove product(s) from your cart. If you have done shopping, click the "checkout" button, then you will be directed to the checkout page.

3. Checkout

Here, you have to fill your profile and address. Other than rechecking your order, you can also fill a promotional code by clicking the "have coupon?" link.

Make sure you fill in your province and city, so we can show you the shipping cost.

Your active email address must be used, for we will send you the billing information/invoice, to your registered email.

Next step is data input, where you can just login if you're already registered before or continue to shop as a guest. Then, you'll be asked to fill name and address of where the product will be sent. If you have the same information, you do not need to write it again.

At the bottom, you'll be seen a recap of fees to be paid, including discount (if applicable). If you've filled in correctly, you can choose the type of payment to be used.

Press "finish order"

4. Payment

Right after you klick "finish order" button, LANA has accepted your order and we will send you an email of invoice number, billing information, and payment method.

5. Payment confirmation

After you paid your bill, you may confirm your payment by filling in the form on the "Payment Confirmation" page. The information that you may have to fill are invoice number, your bank account, your name, and total billing. If you don't complete your order within 2x24hour, your order will be automatically marked cancelled.